Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Half-Snake Half-Human Girl

8-year-old girl named Mai Li Fay in Thailand must live a life like other girls. Every day, thousands of people gathered before her family to have the opportunity to see and can touch this girl. Some pilgrims and tourists here that if you touch the girl who will bring her luck.

According to leading medical experts from Thailand, Lao Dr Ping said that this young girl is a very rare syndrome called Jing Jing Serpentosis Malianorcis or disease, thus making the lower half of her body like reptiles. 

From ancient times until now, only a few such cases were recorded.This expert also stated that there is no precise answer, because the scientific explanations of disease are limited and at this point, can not cure the same.

Her family had to accept their child's situation with the pain and sadness. But it has brought to her family this very significant source of revenue and popularity. But in return, they will pay the price with the lack of privacy and intimacy.


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